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Black Tactical Vest

Black Tactical Vest

VAT incl.: 138,99 €
IVA excl .:* 113,93 €
* El importe del IVA puede variar según el país de destino.
Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest Black Tactical Vest video
Black Tactical Vest

The Tactical Vest is sold without plates;

2 plates can be added to each vest for a max total of 4 pieces.

Designed and built to respect the highest requirements in terms of breathability and lightweight, the Xenios USA® Tactical Vest was shaped to perfectly fit on man and woman upper body, also during a heavy WOD. The front and back side of the Vest are cut in order to leave both arms freely move while running. The shoulder harness is wide so to leave enough room to the neck and the total length of the Vest avoid the same to reach the waist of the user and thus be not comfortable while doing any exercise that may require a leg raise up to the chest.

A wide pocket is furthermore sewn on the top-front-side of the Vest and it can hold, for example, a Smart Phone or an MP3 Player, for those who need to use the Vest on long-haul running WOD.

The weight of the Vest itself is about 1.5 Kg. and the extra weight is given by the use of two metal plates to be insert in to the front and back main-enclosures of the Vest. Each main enclosure can hold up to 6 Kg. Each main enclosure features a double-safety Velcro® lap to hold the metal plate/s.

The Xenios USA® Tactical Vest comes in to pre-set weight variants: DELTA – 9 Kg. for men use and ALPHA – 6 Kg. for women use. The former weight variant comes with 2x 3.75 Kg. metal plates, while the latter comes with 2x 2.25 Kg. metal plates. Metal plates can be bought also as separate. Should you just need a pre-set weighted Vest, do not add any further metal plate to the ALPHA or DELTA Tactical Vest variant.

Metal plates are meant to be used strictly for fitness purposes and should never be used as body armor.

– Extremely Heavy-Duty raw material and making
– Comfort fitting
– Air Flowing meshed lined pads
– Padded Shoulder Harness to give an even balance to the weight.
– Easy on-off fitting straps system
– One size fits all weight variants.

– Made of Water-Resistant Nylon Cordura® 1000D
– Sold as a set: Alpha – 6 Kg. Tactical Vest + 2x 2.25 Kg. Metal Plates or Delta – 9 Kg. Tactical Vest + 2x 3.75 Kg. Metal Plates
– It comes in one only size that can hold either the Alpha and the Delta metal Plates
– Metal Plates can be also bought as separate (sold as a pc)
– Each Alpha Metal Plate weighs 2.25 Kg.
– Each Delta Metal Plate weighs 3.75 Kg.


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Black Tactical Vest


VAT incl.: 138,99 €
IVA excl .:* 113,93 €
* El importe del IVA puede variar según el país de destino.
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Foam stuffed pads

The Xenios USA® Tactical Vest is made of a durable and water-resistant Cordura® Nylon 1000D. All parts in touch with the user’s body feature foam stuffed pads lined with a breathable mesh, so to reduce wet on user’s body and to increase air-flowing. All Velcro® stripes as long as all buckles are heavy-duty quality so to grant a really strong bonding.

Velcro® closing system

The Xenios USA® Tactical Vest can be adjusted either on the waist and on the shoulders of the user. Thanks to this total adjustable system, the Vest always fits tight even when performing Muscle-Ups, Rope Climbs, Plyo Box Jump etc..

Custom your Tactical Vest

The Xenios USA® Tactical Vest features a front and back laser-cut molle panel, lined with Velcro®. Laser-cut molle can be used to attach any kind of add-on by using straps (additional straps do not come with the Vest), while Velcro® lining may result very useful to have name-patches on the Vest.

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