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Yoke Cross-Bar (Squat Stand's option) Yoke Cross-Bar (Squat Stand's option)
Yoke Cross-Bar (Squat Stand's option)


Xenios USA Yoke Cross-Bar (Squat Stand option)

Convert your Heavy Duty Squat Stand into the perfect tool for your workouts! Together with the Sleds Plates Support, the Yoke Cross-Bar is an add-on that can transform your Heavy Duty Squat Stand into a Yoke or a Sled.

In particular, the Yoke Cross-Bar is a 48mm diameter bar inserted into the Heavy Duty Squat Stand to make you perform the Yoke (typical Strongman exercise) or the Sled training - simply by inserting the Yoke Cross-Bar to a lower height.
The "Snap On/Off pin system eases the connection of the Yoke Cross-Bar and allows you to quickly attach the bar to the structure and prevents the involuntary release of the Yoke Cross-Bar during exercise.
The ease of adjustment makes the Yoke versatile and ready-to-use for people of different heights.

The Yoke Cross-Bar can be used after mounting the Sleds Plates Support at the bottom of your Heavy Duty Squat Stand. The four vertical pegs of the Sleds Plates Support allow the loading with plates and bumpers. Build strength and power by loading the yoke or the training sled.
Caution: Once the Sled Plates Support are installed, the tool is no longer used as a Squat Stand as the rear support beam must be removed.

The Yoke Cross-Bar is a kit for the Heavy Duty Squat Stand and it is designed to evolve your Heavy Duty Squat Stand. Available in two versions: Magnum and The Essentials.

Xenios USA Yoke Cross-Bar (Squat Stand option) features

Diameter: 60 mm

The Heavy Duty Squat Stand is not included.

The Yoke Cross-Bar cannot be used as a Pull-Up Bar.

Training with the Heavy Duty Squat Stand and the Xenios USA Yoke Cross-Bar (Squat Stand option)

The Heavy Duty Squat Stand is a universal training tool due to the use of all its add-ons. Have you already discovered all its useful functions for your training?

The Heavy Duty Squat Stand can become your training station for muscle-up/pull-up, or you can use it exactly as you would do with a Rig to support your exercises with a bar.
This can be done by exploiting a mobile structure's versatility, thanks to the integration like the wheels set. Moreover, you can use the Heavy Duty Squat Stand as a rack for your plates, thanks to Plates Storage Sleeve. Finally, the Yoke Cross-Bar can turn your Heavy Duty Squat Stand into a Yoke or sled (making sure you secure the Sleds Plates Support with the appropriate bolts).
Think about all the exercises you can perform with the Heavy Duty Squat Stand. It can also help you with the space management of your training zone or garage gym!

*Do you have the tools to install the Heavy Duty Squat Stand and its integrations? Get the Xenios USA Tool Set - Hex and Allen Wrenches. This complete set of hexagonal wrenches allows you to fix and trim any structure, from rigs and racks to benches.

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Yoke Cross-Bar (Squat Stand's option)


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Gear specs

• Diameter: 60 mm
• Weight: 10,2 Kg
• Color: matt black
• Length: 1226 mm

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