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12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)


There is no training without a safe environment, which has to be monitored with attention to the slightest detail. Xenios USA is the partner that makes your Box, gym, and business ready for anything! Xenios USA X-Safety™ is the selection of products for 360-degree safety. It provides all the equipment that owners need to create the perfect training zone. X-Safety™ was created from the rigorous research by the Xenios USA team, which identified the set of certified professional products to guarantee the highest safety and control standards within the areas for cross-training, functional training, and to the whole world of Fitness. This selection includes exclusive Made in Europe and USA items provide you with products that comply with the strictest regulations for the prevention of illness and the promotion of health control. Their purchase benefits from government funding.

Devices for air and surface hygien

The selection of these devices allows all owners to guarantee the highest level of sanitization to all users of the training zone. The washing Boxes and gyms’ surfaces is optimized by the use of effective and ease-to-use devices. Air treatment and sanitization is another key step in raising the level of your training facility.

IPD - Individual Protection Devices

An entire section of the Online Shop is dedicated to the essential devices for protection against contaminants. Sanitizing gel and mask are fundamental devices.

Hygien and disinfection Products

The selection of the best sanitizing products, compatible with the equipment and materials of Xenios USA. Discover how to substitute your standard products for hygiene with the best products on the market.

Access Control Devices and Temperature Cameras

The best access system, in combination with the action of the thermal cameras, ensures an increase in the efficiency and safety of the Box or gym. 

Xenios USA® doesn’t leave anything to chance which is why we are providing equipment for Boxes, gyms, and anyone who aims at improving their training environment every day. We follow the “Train Safe, Train Better” principle because safety is the key to enhance the quality of training.