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Xenios USA Workout Gear

Choosing and building the best Box for your cross training workout is the first step to successfully complete your WODs, along with the choice for excellent quality cross training gears. High-quality equipment will make a difference during your maximum effort while training. Knowing everything you need to achieve the goals of your training program will turn your efforts into satisfaction and fulfillment.

Xenios USA Online Shop provides you with the best gym gear, designed to satisfy all the needs of the athletes that don’t want to leave anything to chance. Among our cross training gear, you can get your equipment: gym belt, gym chalk, knee and elbow guard, wrist straps and jump ropes.

The importance of a quality cross training gear is noticeable during the execution of weight lifting exercises of your training; how can you perform them correctly without proper hand protection or gym chalk? Without a solid wristband, an adequate protection and magnesium carbonate you would unleash far less strength than your actual potential and you would complete your WOD poorly, with no satisfaction for your performance. That’s where details make the difference. For this reason, on our Online Shop you can choose the wrist band, gym chalk and hand protections that will better your training. Let’s think about all the exercises on the ground, how much more difficult would it be to get through those training phases without knee pads and elbow pads? It is easy to say that cross training gears are essential to have the right confidence and safety to face every WOD at the best of your potential. We want you to be satisfied with your performance at the end of your workout. That’s why we selected the best cross training gears to make you satisfied after each training session.

There’s no need for explanation on the importance of gym chalk during your cross training workouts. However, we must mention the jump ropes. It might seem one of the easiest exercises, but instead, the jump rope workout requires remarkable skills of coordination and physical resistance; with Xenios USA jump ropes you will face this exercise with an excellent quality accessory featured with an unmistakable design. The style doesn’t want to go unnoticed during your WODs.

Discover Xenios USA and get the most out of your workouts without giving up on quality, functionality and style. Discover all our cross training gears.