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Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks Wood Jerk Blocks
Wood Jerk Blocks


Our newest Wood Jerk Blocks-3 Elements which are constructed by our innovative design team at Xenios USA® are ideal for those who want to gain Weight Lifting cred!  Built with top-notch 3 cm thick conifer plywood panels and 5 cm in the top and CNC machined.  Each element contains a wooden grid specifically created to support even the heaviest drops and remain grounded. You will be able to not only refine your Jerk and Press but incorporate Clean/Snatch from blocks, Partial Deadlifts, Box Jumps and Step Ups into your workout using these versatile and easy-to-use blocks.

Xenios USA® provides strong and long-lasting equipment so you can focus on achieving your ultimate fitness goals

Each piece has two handles engraved in the wood to make it easier for you to move and stack. All panel edges are machine-rounded for easy placement.  Individual elements can be safely and securely stacked thanks to specifically engineered guides carved into the wood.  Each block is composed of 4 elements with different heights: 40 cm, 30 cm, 15 cm, and 6cm to give you the variety you need. Total height reaches 91 cm and complete floor space is 91 cm x 51 cm.

A workable and realistic budget is the aim of all successful business owners and we work hard to make top-quality constructed gear that is within your price point, while never sacrificing on superior and durable construction. Our dedicated and skilled design team love a challenge and didn’t stop until they had made the best and most stable Jerk Blocks available. They take pride in using only quality and home-produced materials in their workshop with the Xenios USA®  true-blue stamp of approval.  We are always ahead of game when it comes to up-to-date manufacturing and promise to give our athletes superior fitness equipment to support you as you prepare to compete and advance in your fitness journey.

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Wood Jerk Blocks


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