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Weightlifting and powerlifting gear

13 Item(s)

13 Item(s)

Weightlifting and powerlifting gear

Xenios USA weightlifting and powerlifting gear

In the weightlifting and powerlifting world, nothing is left to chance. These disciplines require the maximum attention to detail, so each accessory becomes essential to execute the simplest workout. Xenios USA knows that this concept counts to any training. That's why it transfers its philosophy to all its athletes, from professionals to the ones who approach this world for the first time.

Anyone who visits Xenios USA Online Shop knows to be in the right place to find the best equipment for weightlifting and powerlifting. In the weightlifting and powerlifting gear category you'll find: weightlifting belts, knee guard, wrist straps, deadlift straps, bands, and tape.

The accessories that complete the equipment for weightlifting and powerlifting training are designed for any athletes and any level of experience. Are you ready to discover how to raise the bar of your training?

Weightlifting requires a minimal amount of equipment. However, this equipment has to be supported by fundamental gears and tools in order to work out safely. For instance, the weightlifting belt has a stabilizing function for those athletes who use it. It helps the athletes that want to increase the weight loads and the ones who want to reach the top performance quickly and safely!

Straps are another fundamental accessory for your strength workout. Straps come into play when weights become heavy, in particular for deadlifts execution. If you want to focus your workout on legs, straps are essential to reduce the muscle tension of hands and arms.

If you love working with bars on the typical powerlifting exercises, wrists guards are the perfect accessory to stabilize your joints. They will be necessary for your squats and exercises on the bench. Increase your training loads and choose the right accessories to increase your performance!

Deadlifts are your favorite exercises? Increase the stability of your knees with the Xenios Usa knee guards! The right compression of your knee guarantees the stability to increase your weight lifting loads or come back from an injury. Physically and mentally, Xenios USA neoprene knee guards allow training safely and with the right mindset. Visit the weightlifting and powerlifting gear category to find out how the best training equipment.

The best performances in weightlifting and powerlifting training require extreme dedication and accuracy. Give your body time to achieve the perfect technique and do it safely!
Discover the Xenios USA accessories for powerlifting and weightlifting. Visit the weightlifting and powerlifting gear category to improve your performance.