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Weightlifting Plates

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A piece of essential equipmentin weightlifting and powerlifting workouts are the plates. Their quality is important to perform workouts in the best possible way, as they must optimally resist to drops. Xenios USA plates follow the highest standards for reliability and manufacturing materials and are tested to bear a very high number of drops without undergoing breakage.

Different types of plates are available on the Xenios USA Online Shop, many of which comply with the standards of the IWF and IPF federations and are therefore usable in international competitions such as Competition Bumber Plates, Contest Bumber Plates, Fractional Plates, Heavy Duty Bumper Plates, Powerlifting Calibrated Plates.

One of the plates designed by Xenios USA are the Calibrated Powerlifting Plates. These plates have a smaller internal diameter than normal which allows them to have a better grip with the barbell. Their thickness allows you to use all the sleeve space to load all the weights you need. The Calibrated Powerlifting Plates are perfect for experienced athletes and those approaching the discipline for the first time.

The Fractional Plates are another type of plates designed by Xenios USA to raise performance to the top. Their weight range goes from 0.125kg to 2.5kg and they meet IWF requirements. They adapt to any Olympic bar, these plates are a must-have in the gym of expert athletes who want to improve gradually. The Fractional Plates also guarantee a reduction in noise during drops.

Discover all the Xenios USA plates to choose the most suitable for your needs, so you can train in total safety, focusing only of your performance.