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Weightlifting Bars

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)


Weightlifting and powerlifting are two disciplines regulated worldwide by IWF and IPF federations, which have strict restrictions on the use of bars, plates and collars with precise technical specifications. In the bars section, Xenios USA offers different types of bars and supports that will meet every athlete's needs, from beginners to the most experienced ones.

Different types of bars are available on the Xenios USA Online Shop such as the Alu Junior Technique Bar, the Alu Technique Bar and the On Ramp Bar, designed for those who want to approach these disciplines and need to perfect their movements. This is the only way you can gradually increase the weights and reach the maximum of your possibilities. Choose your bar to learn the basics of this discipline.

These disciplines’ experts can visit the Online Shop to choose the bar that best meets their needs and achieve top performance. Discover the range of available bars: the Men's PRO Weightlifting Barbell, the Man Training Bar, the Powerlifting Bar and the XKOT Shielded - Black Rod PRO TRAINING Bar.

Other types of bar are the Swat Bar, the Swiss Bar, the Strongman Farmer Walk Bar and the Hexagonal Bar, designed to vary the grip and to work on (usually) less trained muscle groups.

Everything you need to get the most of your bars is available on our Online Shop such as the Nylon Pad for Squats, the Pad for Hip Thrust, Lock Jaw collars. Xenios USA Olympic collars and much more awaits you in the bars section.

Discover the whole range of Xenios USA bars to purchase the best equipment for your workouts and elevate your performance to the highest levels.