Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell
Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell

Xenios USA Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell

Finding your limits requires high-quality equipment and safety. Those who like to challenge their strength with heavy training loads can only make it with well-designed tools that are able to bear the typical Strongman workouts.

The Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell was designed by the Xenios USA R&D department, to offer a steel and cast iron dumbbell that met the safety and quality needs of the best athletes.

This has been possible thanks to the different construction process in comparison to the standard procedures. The traditional welding of steel and cast iron is not enough to ensure a proper level of safety. The chance of welding failure should not be underestimated, especially when the workloads are massive. Choose the Xenios USA Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell and avoid any unpleasant injuries that could compromise your workouts!

The Xenios USA construction process requires that the drilling of the handle's extremities, which are cut and pressed before welding. This process allows the handle to create a mechanical anchor inside the ends of the handlebar. Even if the weld can fail, this system secures the weights to the handle, without the risk of falling down.

Another great advantage is provided by the virgin rubber coating of the dumbbells' weights. 100% virgin rubber does not grease, does not release its color and it is odorless!

The dumbbell heads are rubber-coated to bear the most violent drops and to reduce their noise. The ergonomics and the knurling of the chromed handle provide a perfect grip, even without chalk. As the workload increases, the handle has a larger diameter than the normal dumbbells.

Xenios USA Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell features

Weight | Handle diameter (mm) | Dumbbell length (cm) | Total handle length (mm) | Knurling length (mm)* | Weights extremities dimensions  (mm)

55 kg | 31,6<x<37 mm | 49 cm | 150 mm | 10-33-10 mm |  
60 kg | 31,6<x<37 mm | 49 cm | 150 mm | 10-33,2-10 mm | 240 x 215 mm
65 kg | 33<x<36 mm | 49 cm | 150 mm | 10-33,2-10 mm | 242 x 210 mm
70 kg | 33<x<36 mm | 49 cm | 150 mm | 10-33,2-10 mm | 242 x 210 mm

*interval between knurling 12/13 mm

Attention: every dumbbell is sold as unit

The weight of the Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell ranges from 55 Kg to 70 Kg.

Tolerance: ± 2% (of the declared weight).

Training with the Xenios USA Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell

The Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell has been developed for those who have no limits. They are not only for those who practice Strongman exercises! For example, with these heavyweight Dumbbells, you can also perform the classic deadlift without using a bar.

Those who practice crosstraining love these dumbbells for the executions of dumbbell power snatch, dumbbell snatch, goblet squat, push up, step-up over.
All exercises that require a heavy dumbbells. The circus dumbbell, for example, is one of the most challenging exercise. The athletes try to grab the dumbbells from the ground with both hands in order to raise it over the head with one arm. Is the weight of the classic dumbbells too low? Try the Strongman dumbbells!

Their hexagonal shape prevents the dumbbells from rolling when placed carefully on the ground (the dumbbells are not designed to bear drops). This is an essential feature to avoid injuries and the rolling of your training equipment.

The virgin rubber coating will guarantee excellent protection for the flooring and the storage racks, which are useful not to having the training tools in your training zone. We recommend using foam cushion - such as the Xenios USA Landing Pad - to protect the surface of your gym.

Considering the heavy weight, it is recommended to avoid drops, even if the virgin rubber ensures excellent resistance to impact and friction. We recommend using special foam mats to cushion the fall.

Choose a training tool that meets higher safety and quality standards than the classic hex dumbbells on the market. It’s time to get serious!

Visit the Xenios USA Online Shop to purchase the best equipment for your fitness training.

Product range: 55-70 Kg
Tolerance: ± 2% (of the declared weight)
Single mould of steel
Ergonomic handle with grip
Sold as a unit

Strongman Rubber Hex Dumbbell


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