Xenios USA® Product Safe Use Guide
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All Xenios USA Products were thought, developed and manufactured for training purposes. Xenios USA LLC and its International Licensee assume no liability or responsibility for accidents or injury to person or property that may result from improper use of any Product. Always issue common sense when using a training tool: it will avoid any risks to injury yourself, other persons around you, animals, objects and properties.
Xenios USA always recommends to carefully read the User and Assembly Manual as long as the usage warnings, before to install, assemble and use any Xenios USA Product. All Xenios USA Products carry a User and Assembly Manual (when assembling is required) as long as a Warnings Card. Should the purchased product miss such manual and/or warnings sheets, just visit in order to have it downloaded.
All necessary tools and hardware are listed within any product’s User Manual. Xenios USA recommends to have all of them ready before to install and/or assemble a Xenios USA Product. Shortage of proper tools and hardware may result in to personal injuries or property damages.
Before to unpack and then put in place any Xenios USA Product, make sure to operate within a safe and enough wide environment. It is always recommended to choose the right place where to unpack, install, use and/or store training tools. Most of them are bulky-sized and/or heavy-weighted so, for example, an uneven floor or a too high off-the-floor storage may result in to damages to personal properties and/or personal injuries. Xenios USA LLC and its International Licensee are not responsible for any kind of damage to objects and/or animals or injuries to persons that may result from careless in choosing the right place where to unpack, install, use or store a Xenios USA Product.
Any time a product need to be installed (screwed in) on a wall, ceiling or flooring, Xenios USA always recommends to consult an expert technician to learn about the right and safe way to install the same product: there are various kind of walls, ceilings and flooring and any of them may require different means of installation.
Even though Xenios USA cares about environment, by trying to use only eco-friendly packages, it is always recommended to properly waste all different packaging material. Environment care should always be the rule.
All plastic bags must be kept out of the children reach and they can’t be worn on the head, in order to avoid chokes.
In order to keep any Xenios USA Product as safer as possible, it is strongly recommended to inspect and maintain the same on a regular basis. A special care while inspecting training purposes items should be put on easy to get worn parts, such as ropes, cords, straps, pulleys, buckles, elastic tubes and bands, joint etc.
All bolted items should be carefully inspected on a regular basis in order to check bolts and nuts tightening.
Any Xenios USA Product thought to be defective, damaged, excessive worn, or not working properly, the same has to be removed from the use immediately and thus repaired or replaced.
Unless a Xenios USA Product was made to be outdoor used and/or stored, the outdoor usage and storage of any Xenios USA Product shall result in to early worn of the same. A worn and/or damaged item is no longer safe so it needs to be immediately moved out of service and thus repaired or replaced.
All Product’s factory warning labels shouldn’t be removed from the Product itself. In case of found damaged warning labels, contact Xenios USA in order to have the same back again.
Xenios USA LLC and its International Licensee are not responsible for any kind of damage to objects and/or animals or injuries to persons that may result from shortage in products inspection.
It is recommended to follow some basic safety rules before and while using any Xenios USA workout tool:

  • Always use safety means when required by the User Manual and/or Warning Card. E.G.: any off-the-floor workout kind need to be performed by having care of having place a safe crash mat on to the falling area as long as having removed any object from the same area.
  • Never use Collars to retain weight plates loaded on a Bar placed in a vertical position. Collars are not thought to hold weight plates when Bars are in a vertical position.
  • Never overload a workout tool. Always follow the provided instructions. An overloaded product may result in suddenly breakages and thus personal injuries.
  • Always consult your health professional or your physician before to begin any type of exercise program. It is always recommended to consult an expert trainer before to attempt at any kind of physical exercise. To avoid any over-training will prevent the risk of injuries to muscles, joints or tendons.
  • To prevent any injury, always warm-up before training.
  • Always start training at a very low level and increase the workout level compare with your physical abilities and conditions.
  • In case of Nausea, difficulty with breathing, chest or head pains, stop workout immediately, and consult a physician if the above symptoms persist.
  • Always exercise, wearing light and comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Always exercise on a suitable floor.
  • Children shouldn’t use this product unless supervised by adults. All training purposes products are not a toy!
  • Although Xenios USA cares all products are manufactured without the use of hazardous materials or poisonous chemicals and metals, Xenios USA® always recommends to avoid mouth or eyes be in touch with. It is recommended to not swallow flakes or chips that may come from products’ surface finishing, such as painting or chroming, and or from products’ manufacturing raw materials. Always pay attention to children: training tools are not a toy ! Xenios USA LLC and its International Licensee are not responsible for any kind of allergic reaction and/or personal injuries that may be caused to users by exercising with the Xenios

USA training purposes products. Be aware that chemicals and metals, such as lead, Chrome, Nickel, or Cadmium are industrial environments common used materials and they may result in to allergies or body injuries

  • The use of natural latex made products may results in skin allergies. Always check if the product you are using is made of material you are allergic from.

Should you have any question about handling, assembling, installation and use of any Xenios USA Product, you can email them to or contact Xenios USA LLC or its International Licensee or the Dealer you bought the product from. All contact details can be found at




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