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Peg Board - Short

Xenios USA Peg Board - Short

True athletes always want to test themselves and their physique! The Xenios USA Peg Board - Short allows you to provide your training zone with one of the most effective tools to build the upper body strength, improving the core stability. This peg board model is the sister of the longest version (242 cm). The Peg board short (120 cm) provides you an alternative to the classic peg board Ascent. The short peg board can be easily attached to the wall (or fixed to the Rig) in horizontal position!

This multi-layer birch wood 3.8 cm thickness board is designed to be extremely versatile and solid.

The 2 pegs supplied (32 mm diameter) will make the athletes complete their exercise with the peg board. Those who uses the peg board can try a vertical climb/descent or choose the horizontal path, by using all the core-shoulders-arms strength and keeping the stability. The horizontal or vertical path will stimulate your body muscles differently.

Xenios USA Peg Board - Short features

Weight: 6 kg

Length: 120 cm
Width: 30 cm
Thickness: 3,8 cm

2 pegs are included with the peg board
Pegs diameter: 32 mm

Holes: 17

Warning: for safety reason use the peg board in combination with a crash mat placed on the ground. It will be ready to cushion possible falls.

Training with the Xenios USA Peg Board - Short

Based on your training zone's space management, choose to fix your pegboard vertically or horizontally and start training!

Beginners can use the peg board to build their upper body strength, by isometry or basic exercises such as pull-up. More experienced athletes can go beyond their limits by adding the peg board ascent to their WOD. All muscles can be involved: the grip must be firm on the pegs, while arms and shoulders must constantly carry the body weight. The core control is essential to not unbalance and waste precious energies. Contracting and releasing the core at the right time is fundamental to insert the plugs and advance, hole after hole.

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Weight: 6 kg
2 Pins included

Length 120 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 3.8 cm

Peg Board - Short


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