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Outdoor WOD Timer

Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer

You can push your limits only if you have the perfect equipment and accessories to support your performance. We all know how important it is to set the workout pace: timing is essential! The Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer is a timer for outdoor use due to its waterproof property*. Its structure is fully sealed - including the power supply. *place it under a canopy or not directly exposed to weathering.

Like every Xenios USA accessory or training equipment designed by the Xenios USA R&D, every detail of the timer - from hardware to software - is designed until the slightest detail to satisfy every athlete, from any sport.


The main hardware features aim at the best view for the digit of the outdoor timer. Remember, it has to be visible in outdoor space or in great sports events.

The difference between the Outdoor WOD Timer and a normal indoor timer is visible at first sight! The figures are marked by a LED system, which is more visible the classic timers' LCD figures.

To further improve the visibility, Xenios USA has intervened on the size of the numbers displayed by choosing 6" digits.
Quick tip: there are visibility tests at the distance where each inch (") can improve the visibility by 10 meters. This means that of the Outdoor WOD Timer 6" digits can be read from 60 meters!

Visibility is also improved by the colors of the Outdoor WOD Timer: white and green. For many timers on the market, the red and blue colors are very frequent, but this choice is often based on an economic reason (red or blue LED are cheaper). *White and green offer much better visibility than classic red and blue.

Sunlight and artificial lights (such as neon lights, for example) can affect timer visibility. That’s why the Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer is featured with a front protection fumè glass to mitigate light refraction and increase users' visibility.

Like all timers, the Outdoor WOD Timer is equipped with adjustable acoustic signals (which can adapt to small spaces such as fitness boutiques) to set the pace of the workout, from the activity phases to the rest one. In addition to this, this outdoor timer can be connected to a "horn" (a real motorcycle horn, sold separately) that fits with large environments, just like the one used for competition.

Compared to the classic timers on the market, this timer has a much more resistance case (proprietary) that provides a wider and more stable base. You can also place it on a table or a shelf. *You can place your timer practically wherever you want, even with its tripod, sold separately!

With the tripod, you can move the timer wherever you want and have it close to you for recording a qualifying WOD or monitoring every moment of your performance. The tripod comes with a steel stirrup to be placed between the timer and the tripod. The stirrup is available in two different models: one for indoor timers and one for outdoor timers.

Ask for the bracket you need for your indoor or outdoor timer!


The Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer is than the others on the market. *The timer software - Xenios USA proprietary - is designed for professional use. Thanks to this system, every coach and personal trainer can virtually set up any workout for their athletes.

The classic timers on the market are equipped with preset training (Tabata, fight gone bed, HIIT...) or basic "training-rest" function. The Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer allows you to set and customize your training programs.

The timer allows you to program the macro-cycle (groups of rounds), the meso-cycle (single round) and the micro-cycle (training and rest for each round) of your training. Everything is programmable through the remote control. The software can store up to 99 rounds and 10 micro-workout routines.
You can also set up a quick workout with the quick countdown and count-up functions, which are useful to set up AMRAP workouts.
To keep the right workout mind-set, you can set the pre-workout countdown.

When you train hard, you cannot watch the timer. Just listen! The acoustic signal of the Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer is different whether you're training or resting. This signal also indicates the end of the series or the entire workout. In addition, you can set the pace of your workout with an acoustic warning!

Dosing your energy is often crucial when performing a workout. That’s why the timer indicates the end of the round both acoustically and by visual indications. This function makes you see the training progression intuitively.

The timer is also featured with the clock function, temperature and alarm function.

The Xenios USA proprietary software allows you to have a wide training range to set workouts' pace for any sport.

Are you ready for your workouts with the Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer?

Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer features

The kit includes:
• remote control and 1 set of AAA batteries
• 2 stirrups to fix the timer on the wall (1 kit to fix it firmly and 1 kit to hang it on the ceiling)

The Outdoor WOD Timer is powered by 110V and 220V current and it is featured with both power supplies. The outdoor timer comes with a Schuko socket, which is already wired on the cable.

Have a look at the Quick Start Guide to set the most common workouts.

The timer is CE ROHS and RAEE certified.

Training with the Xenios USA Outdoor WOD Timer

TABATA, AMRAP (As More Rep As Possible), FOR TIME, EMOM (Every Minute on Minute), Fight Gone Bad... Have a look at the Quick Guide to set the most common workout training programs or set the Outdoor WOD Timer as you need, by following your training program.

Do you need to move and position your Outdoor WOD Timer frequently? Ask for the Tripod Kit Option for WOD Timer with its stirrup!
Visit the Xenios USA Online Shop Online to get the best equipment for your training program.

Outdoor WOD Timer


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