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10 Item(s)


Xenios USA provides you with the essential equipment for your crosstraining sessions, such as climbing ropes and training ropes. These tools are the protagonists of intense and challenging workouts that build the core explosiveness and strength.

Many athletes practice the climbing rope as an exercise that involves a great number of techniques. This makes the workout with ropes fun and demanding at the same time.

Xenios USA provides all the equipment to climb the rope safely: from the ropes themselves to the accessories and protections.
The Wall Bracket for Climbing Rope is a tool that allows you to hang the climbing rope on a wall of the Box, if the ceiling is not suitable for the installation of this training tool.

Xenios USA designed different climbing ropes, such as the classic Hemp Fiber or Natural Fiber 6mt ropes - available with both loop and hooks to be secured to their support. These ropes guarantee high resistance, stability, and safety.

One of the latest Xenios USA creation is the Cotton Climbing Rope, which is more resistant than a hemp fiber rope and boasts many useful features. For instance, this rope guarantees less irritation for the athletes' hands, better sweat absorption, great softness, and unmatched grip. The cotton rope is equipped with a safety system that guarantees better anchoring to its support. This increases its stability remarkably.

Xenios USA has also designed some protections to avoid any physical problems after the performance of climbing rope exercises. The climber guard - made of lycra and neoprene - protects your legs from cuts or abrasions caused by the rope.

For those who love pull-ups, the Xenios USA natural fiber short rope is perfect. This short rope is designed to work on the grip and the upper body, increasing your training intensity! If you want to test yourself, this is your chance!

The 15mt nylon training rope is perfect for strengthening the arms and the upper body. It is easily anchorable to the wall through the special support included in the set. This training rope is made of high-strength nylon - this material is used for marine purposes too - and it is available in two versions. Choose among the heavier one or the lighter one.

Xenios USA stands for quality and reliability. Get the best equipment for your crosstraining sessions. Safety and comfort will make you train without distractions. You can count on the best equipment to focus on your efforts.