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Plyo boxes - Crosstraining

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3 Item(s)

Plyo Boxes

The plyometric training aims to develop skills such as power, explosiveness, speed, and strength. It is one of the milestones of crosstraining. Many athletes from different disciplines use these exercises to improve their condition by taking advantage of your body's elastic energy.

Xenios USA has designed different plyo boxes to allow athletes to focus on their movements. The stability and solidity of the landing pads are guaranteed by the materials and the design of the Xenios USA plyo boxes.

The Xenios USA Contest Plyometric Box is designed to carry out the training session safely. This plyometric box is made of 1.8cm thick birch wood and provides great stability. Its design allows you to increase or decrease the height of the box, according to your needs. Also, you can place the box anywhere you want thanks to the side handles.

The Xenios USA Training Soft Plyometric Box is suitable for both training Fitness and crosstraining, and it's designed to unleash your strength and explosiveness safely. This Plyo box is made of ultra-high-density recycled polyurethane foam that increases its comfort. The foam density affects the weight of the box (28kg), preventing the overturning during exercises.

In comparison to a wooden box, the advantage of using a Plyometric "soft" box stands in the prevention of tibia injuries during your training. For this reason, this tool is suitable for any athletes, from beginners to pros.

Soft Plyometric Box - Stackable is a plyometric box made of four pieces of different heights. All the foam boxes are designed for athletes who want to push their limits by increasing the exercises' difficulty progressively.

Discover all Xenios USA Plyo boxes. Choose the perfect equipment for your Box to face your WOD at your best.