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Cardio - Crosstraining

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9 Item(s)


If you want to challenge your skills and push your limits, check out the Xenios USA cardio equipment. Each training tool is designed to optimise your performance, improve the quality of your workouts and maximize the results. Your cardiorespiratory system will get the right training to achieve the physical condition you want to achieve.

Discover the Assault AirRunner, the treadmill that does not work with electricity. Its design allows a smooth running dynamic and boosts the calories consumption more than a classic treadmill. The Assault AirRunner is comfortable and safe, the steel anti-rust frame provides high durability. The storage of this tool is very easy so you can be ready for your next cardio training quickly.

If you are looking for a training tool that burns calories and build muscle at the same time, the Assault AirBike is the one you were looking for. Assault AirBike is designed to challenge the limits of any athletes - from pros to beginners. The AirBike makes the upper and lower body work on several muscles at the same time. The dynamics of legs, arms and back make you perform a full body workout that can become even more challenging during high-intensity training. Assault Airbike is equipped with an LCD display in order to plan your session and set your goals by intensity, calories and distance.

you can also choose the Rower Concept2 Mod D con monitor PM5 to perform a full-body effective training. This rower is one of the best-sellers among the rowing machines. Professional rowers use it as a standard training, and today crosstraining athletes can take advantage of the benefits of this tool for the cardiovascular system. The rower is perfect for body-toning training.

Discover all the cardio machines and accessories that you can find on the Xenios USA Shop Online, such as Concept2 BikeErg, Skierg Concept2 and Floor Stand Option (per SkiErg Concept2). Choose the best equipment for your Box as for quality, comfort and safety.