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Crosstraining Wrist bands

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Wrist bands

Xenios USA designed all the crosstraining accessories you need during your training session to unleash all your potential with safety and comfort. The wrist bands are fundamental support for your powerlifting and weightlifting sessions as they will help you perform the dynamics of your WODs safely. These protections compress the wrist to provide stability and avoid joint injuries during the lifting movements.

On the Xenios USA Online Shop, you will find many accessories for the wrists' protection. Everything is designed to the slightest detail to provide a comfortable design and ease the use of the wrist bands. The Velcro® strap allows them to fit with your wrist perfectly and quickly. Wearing one of the Xenios USA wrist bands you can concentrate on your movements with total comfort.

Do not abuse of the wrist bands designed by the Xenios Usa R&D department because they are designed to be used with heavyweight loads (the ones used fo your maximal training). Otherwise, your wrist will be compressed with no benefits at all. Use the wrist bands only when you're training with heavy weights not to weaken your wrists.

Discover the Xenios USA wrist bands: choose the rigid or the and flexible ones. The rigid wrist bands provides you with excellent support, while maintaining good wrist flexibility. They're easily adjustable and stable. The flexible wrist bands are perfect for those approaching the weightlifting discipline due to their minimal, comfortable, and durable design. The Velcro® makes these wrist bands adjustable, while their ring gives great stability and fitting to the wrist.

Rely on the Xenios USA experience to choose your crosstraining accessories and your wrist bands. Train in total comfort and safety to improve your performance and your shape.