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Cross Training Knee guards

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Knee guards

During your weightlifting session, the knee guards are the perfect protection to increase your performance's safety and confidence. The Xenios USA knee guards are easy to wear and provide stability to the knee, especially in moments of maximum effort without influencing mobility and flexibility.
The use of a knee guards is useful to prevent the risk of injuries; moreover, it is also recommended during periods of rehab from muscle distractions or joint issues.

Xenios USA offers different protection devices for your WOD, such as the Ergo Compression Knee guards, available in different colors, sizes, and sold in pairs. This knee guard is a reliable accessory, which provides the right compression during your workout session. Reduce the risk of useless injury.

For those who are ready to reach a higher level of training, the Pro and High Compression Knee Guards offer the perfect mix of support, compression, and mobility to achieve your best personal performance.

Another interesting accessory is the Climber Guard: it prevents abrasions or injuries during the rope climbing by protecting the lower part of the leg. It is made with lycra and neoprene.

Discover how the Xenios USA crosstraining accessories can become essential for your workouts. Complete your Box and your equipment, without forgetting the Xenios USA style. Choose the Xenios USA's reliability and experience to get the best equipment for safety and functionality. From now on, all you have to do is stay focused on your performance.