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Cross Training Jump ropes

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Jump ropes

The jump rope training is an excellent crosstraining exercise to build overall strength and focus on the ankle muscles. This exercise is excellent both for warming-up as well as for the cooling down phase. Also, if performed at high-intensity, it can develop the entire muscular structure because your legs and the core constantly work, while the body has to find the perfect balance with the coordination of your arms.

On the Xenios USA Shop Online, you will find a wide range of jump ropes for jump rope training. Choose the best one that fits with your skills and performance needs.

You can find the adjustable High-Speed Rope, 3m long to adapt to athletes of any "size". All the materials are extremely durable and resistant; the handles are in aluminum, and the steel rope is rubber-coated. Learn how to make your WOD as smooth and efficient with the rope.

Among the range of belt offered by Xenios USA, you can also find the Fast Bearing Ropes, designed for high-intensity performance. Let your equipment allow you to express your full potential. The Fast Bearing Ropes are safe and durable. Compared to the others, their rotation system with micro-bearings meets every need for intensity and speed.

The Xenios USA Online Shop also provides spare ropes to change for your jump ropes.

Discover all the Xenios USA crosstraining accessories on the Online Shop. Here, you will find everything you need to complete your Box. Choosing Xenios USA means to get high-quality equipment, with the best design for extreme performance.