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Cross Training Hand protections

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Hand protections

Hands are one of the most important body parts for an athlete. At any training level, hands are the fulcrum of several crosstraining exercises as they have to deal with strong stress during workouts. Xenios USA provides high-quality hand protections to perform your workouts in total safety. Excellent comfort and amazing grip will improve your performance beyond all limits.

The gymnastic grips are an excellent example of hand protections, real leather products with a Velcro® strap closing system. Xenios USA gymnastic grips boast high resistance and durability to play an essential role during specific exercises such as pull-up, muscle ups, American swing... The Xenios USA gymnastic grips guarantee great comfort and high protection without limiting the functionality of athletes' hands. They only cover the section between the fingers and the palm, which is the most stressed part during the performance. Xenios USA offers you two-fingers or three-fingers gymnastic grips - sold in pairs - in different sizes and colors to offer total customization of the training's outfit.

For those who want full protection, the crosstraining gloves guarantee excellent grip and safety against shocks and abrasions. Gloves are available in different sizes and colors for both women and men.

Those who look for the best equipment for their workouts can find the real leather lifting straps, which guarantee high tensile strength. This Xenios USA accessory will provide you maximum support during the performance to make you push the limits on every training session.

When it comes to the best equipment for crosstraining, Xenios USA means quality and reliability. Discover the design and functionality of top quality materials.