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Cross Training Elbow guards

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Elbow guards

Xenios USA lives with passion the crosstraining world to allow every athlete to perform at his best and safely. The Xenios USA elbows guards are a handy crosstraining accessory to provide the right support and stability to elbows due to a perfect compression of the joints during the execution of the exercises. The technology that is hidden behind these accessories is carefully designed to offer a perfect fit. Adapting flawlessly to the shape of any athlete’s arm, it eliminates any obstacles that affect the performance quality.

Xenios USA provides different types of elbow guards to allow you to choose the one that best meets your needs, such as Light Ergo Elbow Guard 3 mm - Blue and the Ergo Elbow Guard 5 mm - Black. These two products - sold as a pair - provide excellent fit and extreme comfort without affecting your exercises' movements. The two elbow guards have different thicknesses. The thickness affects the flexibility and the degree of protection for the elbow. These elbow guards are available in five different sizes to allow a perfect fit with the body of any athlete who needs support for his WODs. The materials are neoprene, which provides resistance and durability, and nylon, which has a great resistance to wear and traction. Now you can train with the highest weight loads.

Choose the Xenios USA elbow guards to prevent injuries and recover faster during the rest phase. Rely on Xenios USA for the equipment and accessories of your Box. Attitude, passion, and quality don't lie.