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Cross Training Chalk

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3 Item(s)


Xenios USA takes into account every detail to design flawless WODs. The chalk can not miss inside a Box due to its properties that keep your hands dry, improving the grip on your training tools. The chalk bricks increase the degree of safety and performance, reducing the risk of injuries.

The Xenios USA Online Shop provides you with a range of products. Their design improves the organization of your Box, such as the Chalk Soft Bucket, a PVC magnesium carbonate container that keeps your training zone clean. Its design avoids the unnecessary spread of chalk in the air or on the floor. This accessory also optimizes the use of chalk without wasting it.

The Chalk Soft Bucket is made of coated PVC. This light and durable material allows you to move your bucket just like a chalk station. Place it in the most useful and functional place to your circuit of exercises. If you are looking for a stable container, the Chalk Station 2.0 is the right choice. Its 16 liters capacity will serve all the athletes in the Box. Also, the design of this chalk station will add a touch of style to the Box.

The essential product of this category is the Chalk Bricks. They're handy and ready-to-use gym chalk blocks. They should always be at your disposal to increase the grip on the training tools. Train at your best, avoiding any chalk waste and the annoying "dirty effect" of the powder.

Boost the level of your performance with the Xenios USA experience. You can choose from the best equipment to set up your perfect Box.

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