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Timers and Whiteboards

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16 Item(s)


In every training session the timer is a must-have. Keeping the right training pace is useful to monitor your performance and to develop your condition. In this section, you will find the gym timers that Xenios USA has designed for professional users - those who really push their limit. This is why an ad hoc design is necessary to make a timer that can meet any athlete’s training needs, from any sports.

Xenios USA has totally designed its timers: from hardware to software. The Xenios USA research and development department has designed two different hardware to adapt to indoor and outdoor training conditions.

The Xenios USA indoor timer can be fixed or hung wherever you want, through to the supports designed to attach it to the wall, hang it to the ceiling, or place it in your preferred position.This timer is not only suitable for gyms or box. It also fits with Fitness boutiques or garage gyms. In this section, you can find every detail or accessory to use the timer in every condition, even without electricity. The Xenios USA outdoor timer can be used outdoors thanks to the tripod sold separately.

In this section, you can find the most advanced timers, as they can set the pace of every stage of training with their software, from macro to micro cycle. Rep, rounds and rest time are totally customizable!

Discover the Xenios USA timers and train like you’ve never done before!