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Tees / Tanks for Woman

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Women tees and tanks

In the Online Shop apparel category, Xenios USA reserved an entire section for women tees and tanks.

The tees available in this section are designed and manufactured to meet any taste and need for style, providing the comfort that every athlete looks for. Find the perfect tees or tanks to get the combination of clothes that suit your outfit and personality.

Every detail of your outfit is essential. Even what looks like a simple tee makes the difference! Xenios USA takes care of the realization and the design of these tees in order to provide you with a wide choice of customizations, colors and models. From classic women’s short-sleeve tees to sleeveless undershirts, you can wear the Xenios USA style.

The Woman Tank Crop - OFFICIAL boasts a truly unique style that meets the taste of those who love to train and take care of their bodies. Discover how the fit of this tank expresses the Xenios USA attitude. This model is one of the most loved by athletes!

The Woman Tees - OFFICIAL is the shirt that boasts a minimal style. That’s why it is able to adapt to any outfit. Choose the color and size you want and wear the brand Xenios USA with simplicity and charm.

Among the range of women’s tees available in this section of the Online Shop, you can also choose among the special versions, those with the most original customizations. What are you waiting for? Express your unique and inimitable personality.

In the Xenios USA tees and tanks section, you can also find the 10th ANNIVERSARY – Woman Tank. This t-shirt was born from the exclusive collection that celebrates the 10 years of Xenios USA.

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