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Hoodies for Woman

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Hoodies for women

At Xenios USA, we know that wearing comfortable, quality and fashionable clothing is essential. That’s why we designed an entire section of the Online Shop for men, women and children’s clothing. In this section of the Shop, you will discover how the Xenios USA women hoodies can be the perfect companions for your moments of relaxation, outside and inside the training zone. These hoodies, in fact, are not just winter clothes, but they express real style choices.

According to Xenios USA, aesthetics and functionality come together. Also, the women hoodies follow these principles as the hoodies’ warmth finds its perfect combination with a unique design to satisfy every taste. According to your style needs, you can find the size, color and design of woman’s hoodies to match your outfit. Are you ready to wear the Xenios USA style?

The Woman Hoodie - OFFICIAL expresses the simplicity and effectiveness of an everyday comfortable clothing. From the hood to the color, and customization, everything embodies the Xenios USA philosophy. This hoodie is available in sizes XS, S, M, L and in two colors.

Choose the Woman Sweater - VERTICAL that best fits with your needs. With zip or without zip, you can choose your favorite one to reach the comfort you want from your clothing.

In the women’s hoodies section, you will also find the limited edition 10th ANNIVERSARY Woman Sweater. If you want to wear the essence of Xenios USA, this is the perfect hoodie for you.

Check the size guide to make sure you choose the perfect size!

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