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Hoodies for Man

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

Men Hoodies

Comfort, quality, style. That’s what an athlete is looking for from the apparel. The Xenios USA research and development department put itself in the shoes of athletes and fitness enthusiasts who train every day in their own Box gym, in order to offer them the best clothing for facing every moment of the day. Xenios USA has designed and selected the perfect man hoodies to satisfy any need for comfort and style.

Those who know Xenios USA know that every detail count for the most important moment of the day: training. Comfort, freedom of movement and style must never be overlooked. In the men’s hoodies section of the Online Shop, you can find all the apparel you need to express yourself outside and inside your training zone.

The Man Hoodie - OFFICIAL is the symbol of the Xenios USA care for any athlete's needs. Available from S to XXL size, these hoodies come in different colors to offer endless possibilities of combination with your daily outfits.

The same comfortable combination of cotton and polyester can be found in the Man hoodies TRADEMARK and VERTICAL. With zip or without zip, you can choose your favorite one to express your style and get ready for the next workout.

You can also find the limited edition 10th ANNIVERSARY in the men's hoodie section, a hoodie that conveys the Xenios USA essence. Express your winning mentality with a comfortable and fashionable outfit. Never give up on your style!

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