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Hoodies for Boy

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3 Item(s)

Boys Hoodies

The hoodies section is one of the parents’ favorite! Choosing the right hoodie for your child will become a pleasure. Over time, the hoodie has become an iconic apparel, that expresses the style and personality of the wearer. As with many other clothes, none of us wears a hoodie without choosing the one that expresses our personality the most. So are our children.

In addition to this, the Xenios USA hoodies are designed to keep your muscles warm before and after the sports sessions. Hoodies become essential style accessories for the preparation of the workouts, in order to not start with cold muscle. Even post-workout hoodies can protect the body from excessive cooling. That’s why Xenios USA has designed with extreme care and attention to detail its apparel collection, for adults and kids. In this section, you will find all the Xenios USA kids hoodies!

The boys hoodies adapt to any type of size and age. You can choose the perfect size for your child, from 6/12 months up to 14 years. The comfort fit and the apparel design are essential to offer your child maximum comfort and freedom, the same one required by the greatest athletes in the crosstraining world. In this section, you can find the same quality materials as adults apparel.

Zip, hood and pockets are a trademark of a design that aims at the highest level of comfort, both for kids and parents. The large pockets on the front of the hoodie and the hood are two essential details for this genre lovers. The zip of the Kid Him Hoodie - OFFICIAL increases the functionality of this stylish accessory, especially as regards the ease in making children wear their sweatshirt.

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