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Bodysuit for Boy

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Baby body for boys

The style of adults for the little ones! The Xenios USA apparel collection gives kids a stylish baby leotard to face the first steps in the world of sports. The entire line of clothing for children was born with the desire to offer kids the same quality as adult athletes. The baby body section of the Xenios USA Online Shop shows that there is no age to join the team.

The Baby Body - OFFICIAL is available in four colors to give every child the style he deserves. The available colors are black, gray, navy blue and pink. In addition, the three sizes available can follow the growth of younger children: 3/6 months, 6/12 months, 12/18 months.

The unique Xenios USA logo identifies the quality of the material of the body while the finish of the sleeve and shoulder expresses the care for detail of every product of the Online Shop.

This baby body for boys can be a beautiful gift for your baby while he takes his first steps. Visit the apparel category of the Online Shop to choose the best Xenios USA clothes.