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Kids - Apparel

16 Item(s)

16 Item(s)

Kids - Apparel

Xenios USA kids apparel

We do not think just about athletes and crosstraining enthusiasts. We also dedicate our attention to the little ones by providing the best choice of sports apparel for kids in order to help them learn about health and sports attitude. On our Online Shop, you can find both clothes for boys and girls among many models that fit with for every season and need. Let's find out together what you can find among our collection.

Xenios USA boys apparel

For the boys, we have designed a fashion collection that brings them into the world of crosstraining and functional training. Just like their parents, kids can learn how to take care of their body in the best way. Together with specific equipment for kids training, on the Online Shop you can find kids hoodies, boys tees, and baby apparel, which are made with the best fabrics and materials. Sport is something more than passion. It is a lifestyle. Make your kids live sport with a unique collection of apparel.

Xenios USA girls apparel

A whole collection of apparel is waiting for girls too. All Xenios USA apparel gives style, great comfort, and resistance thanks to the fine workmanship and materials with which it is made. Your love for sports will become a unique opportunity to share moments of growth with your children. Give your children the apparel they deserve and make your days of relaxation or training unique, even for kids, by involving them in your passion. Choose the kids hoodies, girls tees, and baby apparel to make your girls wear the Xenios USA style!

Sport for kids

It is never too early to start taking care of yourself. It’s a parents’ duty to share healthy principles and habits with kids. We strongly believe kids with the right attitude will be able to overcome all the life challenges successfully. In addition, we strongly want to bust the myth that children do not have to train from a young age, but rather we spread the message that everyone needs a healthy and balanced life to strengthens the body, immune defenses, and mind. This is the sport we love!

Discover all the Xenios USA kids apparel and introduce kids to the world of crosstraining and functional training. The best sports apparel can teach us how to express our natural liveliness and how to take care of our body and mind. Visit the kids category to get the Xenios USA kids apparel.