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20 Item(s)

Bags and backpacks

Getting ready for a workout means bringing all the equipment and apparel you may need during your workouts. Sports bags and gym backpacks are the perfect accessories to bring what you need with you. Among the selection of the Xenios USA Online Shop, you will find an entire section for bags and backpacks, the perfect allies to get in the box or gym and be ready for anything.

In the bags and backpacks section of the Xenios USA Online Shop, you will find different models that are designed for any athlete’s needs. The available space and style are the main factors for the choice of backpacks or gym bags. That’s why you can choose among sports bags of different capacities. These accessories meet the needs of those who care of their look, inside and outside the training zone.

Pockets, compartments, straps... Everything is designed and manufactured to offer you the space you need. Being your training companions is not enough, the Xenios USA bags and backpacks are excellent travel companions due to their perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Visit the bags and backpacks section to discover the practicality of the Easy WOD Bag, the Backpack Parachute (18 Lt) and the Backpack - Tactical 28 Lt. Based on your needs, you can choose between the Backpack Parachute’s color range and unique aesthetics, or the resistance of the Nylon Cordura 600D of the Backpack Tactical, the accessory that transformed the concept of backpack. In fact, the Backpack Tactical 28 Lt optimizes space management due to its finishes and pockets. This backpack is perfect for any activity, from sport to pure travel, trekking, or camping.

Need more space and versatility? Don’t worry! Xenios USA has designed the Backpack - Wod 35 Lt. for all those who do not want to leave anything to chance and cannot give up any accessory or training. If you want to be ready for anything, the Any WOD Bag is the gym bag that has room for everything. Internal and external pockets, a double compartment for your shoes (to choose the one that best suits your workout) and side straps will allow you to bring all the clothing you need, accessories and training equipment required by each of your WOD. Choose your color!

In the bags and backpacks section, you can also find many patches to customize customize your accessories style!

Choose Xenios USA to get the best accessories to face your WOD. Discover the Xenios USA bags and backpacks.

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