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Heavy Duty Trap Bar Heavy Duty Trap Bar Heavy Duty Trap Bar Heavy Duty Trap Bar Heavy Duty Trap Bar Heavy Duty Trap Bar Heavy Duty Trap Bar Heavy Duty Trap Bar
Heavy Duty Trap Bar


Heavy Duty Trap Bar


Deadlifts and top-level athletic preparation with the Xenios USA® Heavy Duty Trap Bar.

This hexagonal barbell is an extremely versatile and functional piece of gym equipment that allows you to practice many exercises with an increased level of safety and ergonomics.

Are you looking for a professional deadlift trap bar for your Weightlifting and Powerlifting workouts? Do you want to strengthen your athletic preparation with deadlifts, jumps, trap bar squat, rower, or Bulgarian deadlifts, without overloading your back?

Then you’re in the right place.


Characteristics of the Heavy Duty Trap Bar


The Xenios USA® Heavy Duty Trap Bar is made entirely of powder-coated steel, with double handles and matte black embossed finish.


Heavy Duty Trap Bar supports 500 Kg. max load and measures 210 cm. x 70 cm. x 21.5 cm.

Bar Length: 210 cm

Handles length: 22 cm 

Sleeve length: 40 cm

Width: 68 cm

Circumference: 32 mm

Sleeve diameter: Olympic dimension 49,8 mm


Type of knurling: Diamond

Please note!

This bar is not compatible with Powerlifting Calibrated CNC Steel Plates and Competition Bumper Plates.


How much does the trap bar weigh?

Heavy Duty Trap Bar Xenios USA weighs 32 kg, without added weight.

Weight tolerance: ± 2% (of the declared weight)

Max Load: 500 kg


Discipline: Multi-use


Work Out with the Heavy Duty Trap Bar


What is the trap bar’s purpose?

This equipment isn’t just a simple barbell. The Heavy Duty Trap Bar from Xenios USA® is mostly used for deadlifts, but it’s a well-rounded piece of equipment that’s extremely useful for maintaining correct posture while lifting weights.


The superior height of the grip, it’s perpendicular inclination to the barbell and the absence of obstacles (ex. Barbell vs. tibia/knee) allows a greater total load, more explosive force and more acceleration, with less overload on the lumbar region of the back.


Safety and posture

The Xenios USA® Heavy Duty Trap Bar allows greater verticality and safety even for beginners; it drastically reduces stress on the lower back with respect to deadlifts with a traditional barbell, but that’s not why it’s considered a facilitated version of the deadlift. Instead, it represents an evolution in design, to favor greater ergonomics.

The bumper plates, laterally inserted, allow the calibration of the weight of the workout, for a well-rounded workout and greater use of the quadriceps.


Deadlift Trap Bar and Squat Lift

The Heavy Duty Trap Bar is mainly used for deadlifts, but it’s also a perfect alternative for squats with the barbell.


Deadlift in Powerlifting

The Heavy Duty Trap Bar can also be used for your Powerlifting workouts, for deadlift exercises with the trap bar or trap bar squats during off-season, when you might have back problems or the barbell is excessively heavy.


Deadlift in Bodybuilding

Although the deadlift is an indispensable workout to increase muscle mass, even for bodybuilders the Heavy Duty Trap Bar from Xenios USA® can be considered useful in strength phases that focus on the posterior kinetic chain muscles, to strengthen the trapezius, for exercises like the rower, Romanian deadlifts or shrugs.


Athletic Preparation

One of the biggest applications of the Heavy Duty Trap Bar is in the athletic preparation phase, preparatory for basketball, soccer, MMA and Boxing, but also for other sports – in a team or as an individual.


For an optimal level of training, without risking an injury and with the guarantee of having the correct posture, the Xenios USA® Heavy Duty Trap Bar is a must-have in your gym, in your fitness area and in your home gym!


To upgrade the level of your workout, in a professional way and without risks, trust the Xenios USA® experience and challenge your ability to continue to reach new goals.

Heavy Duty Trap Bar


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