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Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option)

Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option)

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Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option) Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option) Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option) Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option) Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option) Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option)
Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option)

Xenios USA Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option)

With the Heavy Duty Squat Stand you can really face any training with to the integrations designed and built by Xenios USA. The Band Pegs are one of them!

The Band Pegs are extremely useful for your training sessions with the bar, functional training or rehabilitation. These pegs can be inserted into the front of the Squat Stand to take advantage of the resistance of the elastic bands and add weight to your reps.

The Band Pegs are fixed to the Squat Stand with a bolt. The other end is equipped with a stopper (a small plate fixed perpendicularly to the peg's longitudinal axis), which prevents the loop band from sliding during the exercises.

As with all Xenios USA training tools, even the Band Pegs have a high degree of resistance as they are made of hard-chromed steel to provide a rust-proof propriety and more durability.

How do I use Band Pegs? You can load the bar with bumpers and also with elastic bands. The workload can be produced by using the loop band or the combination of bumpers and elastic bands. It's an athlete's choice.
Using loop bands has its advantages, such as training with auxometric contraction: the tension and workload increase as the muscle contraction increases. This training makes sure that the workload is variable depending on the elastic's resistance, providing lower effort in the initial phase of the movement (the one that mostly involves the joint) and increasing load when the entire muscle chain is involved.

Band Pegs can be inserted into your Heavy Duty Squat Stand for your exercises with bar, such as squats (front squats and back squats), bench, deadlift, strict press, push press, bench press.

The Band Pegs bundle comes with 6 pieces to set the pegs in 3 different positions. You can adjust the working angle and band s' resistance.

Xenios USA Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option) features

Material: hard-chromed steel
: matt black

The Band Pegs set is composed of 6 pieces.

Heavy Duty Squat Stand is not included.

The advantages of working out with the Xenios USA Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option)

You are recovering from an injury but do not want to lose confidence with the exercises movement? The Band Pegs are the integration of your Heavy Duty Squat Stand that make you to train with the variable load of the elastic bands. The resistance and workload will depend on how much you want to "push" your body, step-by-step or accelerating your path towards complete recovery.

Another advantage lies in the possibility of working symmetricaly, eliminating the "human" factor (and its mistakes) while setting the elastic bands. The band pegs, in fact, are positioned symmetrically at the same distance, thanks to the Squat Stand's holes.

The Band Pegs are perfect for those who want to take advantage of all the benefits of elastic bands training for building strength. The auxometric contraction less stresses the joints, maintaining their stability, the intensity of the training and reducing the risk of injuries.

The elastic can increase the difficulty of the easiest exercise. During the squat execution, for example, they keep muscle tension in the final part (hip relaxation), after the sticking point. Muscles are subjected to a (positive) stress, increasing reactivity even when the body is usually relaxed.

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Band Pegs 6x (Squat Stand's option)


VAT Incl.: €60.00

Special Price VAT Incl.: €41.48
VAT Excl.:* €34.00
* The VAT amount may vary according to the destination Country.

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