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Functional Wrist bands

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2 Item(s)

Wrist bands

Xenios USA offers all the best functional equipment to give you the possibility to always have at your disposal the top of the supports aimed at supporting and keeping your joints compact. Wrist bands are a very useful support when carrying out exercises involving bars and dumbbells with heavy loads. Do not overuse the wrist bands, as their use during warm-up exercises or at low weight load compared to your maximum does not bring any benefit, but only does not allow the stabilizing muscles to develop adequately since the balance is guaranteed by the wrist bands. Use the wrist bands correctly to achieve your goals and make the most of your workouts.

Xenios USA offers different types of wrist bands, including the Wrist Twist Wraps, or wrist bands made of ripstop fabric. The Xenios USA wrist bands guarantee great stability and compactness on the wrist, thanks to the unique design formed by strap and lace that allow you to wear and fix the wrist bands, ensuring a perfect fit. Eliminates all types of friction during their use to then have the maximum transition speed between exercises.

Another model of wrist bands available on the Xenios USA Online Shop are the Wrist Straps produced in high quality polyester which, thanks to the presence of elastic velcro at the ends, allows an easy and quick adjustment to adapt the wrist band perfectly to the wrists.

Xenios USA also offers the 5mm Rehband Wrist Sleeve, made with elastic material. Thanks to their design studied in detail, they offer uniform compression to the wrist, thus ensuring great stability and keeping the joints always in ideal conditions without affecting their mobility.

Discover all the functional accessories available on the Xenios USA Online Shop and choose the wrist bands that best suit your needs to elevate your functional training sessions to a higher level.