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Functional Knee guards

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8 Item(s)

Knee guards

The knee guards are important supports for those who perform functional training by stressing the knee joints. Xenios USA offers different types of knee guards to keep the leg joint compact and stable and allow you to carry out even the most challenging workouts in total safety.

The Xenios USA knee guards are perfect for preventing easily avoidable injuries and distractions and are also recommended during rehabilitation periods to always to keep the knee in perfect conditions and avoid making incorrect movements.

Among the Xenios USA range of accessories, you will find the 5mm and 7mm Ergo Compression knee guards, made of high-quality breathable neoprene, which guarantees a perfect fit and unique comfort. These accessories are able to keep the knee compact and stable during the performance without affecting its mobility. These knee guards are perfect for preventing and rehab from injuries, thanks to their performance-oriented design.

High Compression Knee Guard 7mm and Pro Knee Guard 8mm are two other knee guards selected by Xenios USA to offer more stability and compactness without missing mobility and flexibility - essential during functional training. Thanks to the Xenios USA design, these knee guards guarantee an excellent fit which result in a perfect balance between support and compression.

Xenios USA also offers you different types of 5mm thick Rehband knee guards for men, women and children. These accessories are perfect for giving excellent support to the knee joints during all those exercises that significantly stress the ligaments. Thanks to the high-performance and breathable materials, these knee guards are perfect as an accessory to prevent and recover from injuries during your functional training.

Discover all the knee guards on the Xenios USA Online Shop to choose the ones that best meet your needs. Do not forget to select them carefully by checking our size guide.