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Functional Jump ropes

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Jump ropes

Jump ropes have become fundamental in the training sessions of many athletes from different sports. Functional training with a cardio activity helps to build muscles and conditioning.

Jump rope training allows you to perform a complete workout that trains the whole body, bringing many benefits, such as improved thermogenic and cardiovascular capacity, increased muscle mass, and concentration.

Xenios USA offers different types of jump ropes that fit with any training need such as fast bearing jump ropes and double-under jump ropes.

The Fast Bearing Jump Rope and the Pro Fast Bearing Rope are designed for a workout at maximum speed thanks to their rotation systems with bearings that guarantee great fluidity in movement. The design of these jump ropes allows athletes to train at their best, thanks to the knurled handle that provides comfort and grip during the exercises' execution. This type of jump rope also includes an adjustable 3m cable to allow athletes of any height to make the most of the tool's potential.

Other jump ropes on the Xenios USA Online Shop are the double-under models with the High-Speed ​​Double Under-er 2.0 models and the Evo High Speed ​​Double Under-er Training Rope. These training ropes are designed for the double under specialty. The design and materials used in the realisation of these ropes are meant to maximize this equipment and allow you to improve your physical conditioning in an efficient and fast way.

Discover all the jump ropes on the Online Shop and choose the ones that satisfy your needs and abilities. Many accessories and spare parts are available for customizing your jump ropes.

Rely on the Xenios USA’s quality and experience to purchase top-quality jump ropes and perform at your best during your functional training sessions.