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Functional Hand protections

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Hand protections

The hands are a delicate part of an athlete's body as they are stressed during the performance of many different exercises of functional training. To protect them better, Xenios USA offers the best hand protections, designed and perfected over time to give you great supports for your workouts with excellent comfort and unmatched grip.

Among the Xenios USA range of products, you will find different types of protections to meet every athlete's needs. The two or three fingers gymnastic grips are one of the hand protectors available, made of genuine leather and designed to protect the palms during exercises such as pull ups, muscle ups, american swings and exercises with rings. Another innovative protection is the latest version of the EVO 3 Fingers Gymnastic Grip which, unlike the classic models, does not have holes for the fingers but elastic bands that offer greater comfort and reduce the time for inserting the accessory. Now, you can avoid downtime during the most intense training sessions. The EVO 3 Fingers Gymnastic Grip has some amazing technical specs, also due to the skin's thickness (2.1mm), which guarantees great resistance and great comfort. These dimensions provide resistance and great mobility for the hand. The real leather of the Gymnastic Grip, designed for sports use, is Made in Italy. All you have to do is choose your favorite color and start training.

For those who prefer full coverage of the hand during their performances, Xenios USA offers the Muscle Up Mechanix gloves for women and men. These gloves with a unique design are designed to perfectly fit the hand and ensure unmatched comfort and grip. Express your full potential!

When looking for your hand protection on the Online Shop, do not forget to check the size guide to choose the perfect one for you.

Choosing Xenios USA for your functional training accessories means relying on quality and design, to guarantee you comfort and protection.