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Functional Elbow guards

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1 Item(s)

Elbow guards

Xenios USA wants to put its athletes in the best possible conditions to perform their functional training at their best. How? By selecting the best equipment and supports for carrying out sports activities. Each product is studied in detail to ensure efficiency and safety. The elbow guards are widely used support during functional training exercises that involve an important effort of the upper limbs’ muscles. Xenios USA's elbow guards support coordination and strengthen the joint by allowing safe, smooth movement to prevent elbow distraction.

Xenios USA offers different elbow guards such as the Light Ergo Elbow Guard (3mm) and the Ergo Elbow Guard (5mm), which boasts more thickness and therefore more support to the elbow The Xenios USA elbow guards are designed to protect the joints and improve your workouts' quality, thanks to the perfect compression of the arm and a perfect fit. These features allow performing the stabilizing action on the joint.

Another elbow guard available on the Xenios USA Online Shop is the Rehband RX Elbow Guard (5mm), which is designed to relieve strain and prevent annoying joint injuries, the Rehband Elbow Pad also guarantees high levels of comfort due to its patented technology that perfectly shapes the anatomical fit.

Choose your favorite elbow guard among the range provided by Xenios USA to have perfect support during your functional training sessions. Find out your perfect size by following the size guide to ensure a perfect fit.

Discover all the Xenios USA accessories for your functional training sessions. Get the best Xenios USA elbow guards to get all the support you need.