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Functional Belts

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)


Belts are essential accessories for your functional training exercises, perfect for supporting you during different types of training sequences, giving you the stability and support to perform at your best and reducing the risk of injuries.

Xenios USA has designed belts designed to support the performance of different exercises in disciplines such as weightlifting and powerlifting. All Xenios USA belts are designed to be comfortable and functional, and to allow you to express your full potential in total safety.

The Xenios USA belts offers as support for your weightlifting and powerlifting sessions are made of high-quality neoprene. These belts are ideal for any athlete belonging to these lifting disciplines, thanks to their ease of use and the lumbar support. Discover the Ergo WOD Belt 2.0 and the Ergo Weightlifting Belt 2.0: they will help you increase the quality of your performance.

Another type of belt designed by Xenios USA is the one aimed at the sled pull, such as the Hip Belt with Rings and the Full Power Pelvis Belt. These belts, thanks to their fastening ring, allow you to attach the sled to your pelvis in a firm, safe and fast way to perform your exercises perfectly without overloading your back. Thanks to the design of the belts you can distribute the workload perfectly, thus avoiding injuries related to overloads.

Finally, another belt on the Online Shop is the Dipping Belt with Chain, designed to add weight to your suspension exercises such as dips and pull ups. This belt has a maximum load of 100kg which will allow you to increase your workloads to increase the difficulty of your exercises exponentially.

Discover all Xenios USA functional training belts and choose the ones that best suit your needs in order to train correctly and safely. Rely on the quality and reliability of Xenios USA products because they are designed in every detail to raise your performance to the highest levels.