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Clubbels, kettlebells and dumbbells

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Clubbells, kettlebells and dumbbells

Clubbells, kettlebells and dumbbells are three of the most used equipment during functional training exercises. This equipment will allow you to develop your muscles completely due to the variety of exercises that can be performed to stimulate different muscle groups.

Xenios USA has designed equipment with the highest standards of efficiency and reliability, using the best materials and offering a unique design, capable of achieving the highest levels of comfort and handling.

One of the Xenios USA training tools  are the Elite Clubbells, made from a single steel bar to avoid welds that could break over time. Each clubbell is rubber-coated to protect the user's hands and to ensure a firm and secure grip. This equipment is used in functional training for a type of exercise called circular strength training, which strengthens the muscular structure by developing elasticity and fluidity of movements.

Another essential training tool offered by Xenios USA are the kettlebells, available in different models: Fitness Kettlebells, Evolution Kettlebell, Rubberized Cast Iron Kettlebells and Steel Russian Girevoy Kettlebell. All the Xenios USA kettlebells are produced using the best materials. Moreover, their designs ease their use and make them durable over time. You can choose your perfect kettlebell among the Xenios USA selection to make the most of its potential based on your training needs.

The dumbbells are also a very important for functional training and Xenios USA offers a wide choice to satisfy any athlete. The Xenios USA dumbbells vary their weights and have a range that goes from 1 kg up to 50 kg according to the various models you can choose from such as: GLITTER PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed Dumbbells, The Essential - Black Rubber Hex Dumbbell and Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed Dumbbell (pairs). Instead, for those who want a dumbbell with a customizable weight, Xenios USA offers the Plate Loaded Dumbbell, available in long and short versions. This equipment looks like a real small bar. It is built following the same techniques of the bars to provide great comfort during the exercises' execution.

Discover all the Clubbells, kettlebells and dumbbells designed by Xenios USA to perform your functional workouts in total safety. Rely on the experience and quality of Xenios USA to complete your gym.