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Functional Sleds

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)


Training with sleds is very common in functional training because, thanks to sled drag, it is possible to build strength, speed and agility. Thanks to the sleds and other accessories on the Xenios USA Online Shop you can perform different exercises to stimulate all the muscle groups you need to involve.

Xenios USA offers you different types of sleds to meet the needs of all athletes. The Just Drag Sled is made up of a plate and a steel tube on which you can load your weights, this sled is perfect for small training areas. Nylon skates and other accessories such as drag straps and sled-drag rope complete this training tool.

Other sleds in the Xenios USA range are the Prowler Training Sled and the Round-Trip Training Sled which allow you to perform a wider variety of exercises than the Just Drag Sled. These sleds are equipped with UHMW nylon skates, with carabiners and pulling strap included. The design studied by Xenios USA fosters the optimal development of training sessions thanks to the sliding of the nylon skates and the perfect weight distribution.

The Round-Trip training sled can be customized to vary the type of exercises that can be performed with this tool, such as the High Pushing Bar for Round Trip Sled, the Low Pushing Bar for Round Trip Sled, the Wheel Barrow Kit for Round Trip Sled and the Pull-Around attachment for Round Trip Sled. All these accessories for sleds will allow you to carry out complete workouts that will stimulate different body parts for homogeneous muscle development.

Visit the Xenios USA Online Shop to discover all the best functional training equipment that allows you to fully express your potential. All Xenios USA equipment respects the highest standards of safety and durability to give athletes irreplaceable training tools.