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Functional Plates

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3 Item(s)


Plates are an integral part of any weightlifter's training, as a plate thought out in every detail will improve the quality of performance by eliminating any obstacle between you and your best performance. Xenios USA has designed its plates after a careful study on the design and materials to be used to guarantee only the best to its athletes. The Fractional Plates and the X-Grips Olympic Plates in black rubber result from this in-depth analysis that will allow every weightlifter to improve their workouts.

Fractional Plates are part of the change plates, that is, those plates that are used to make the last leap in quality during training by adding contained weight loads (from 0.125kg to 5kg). These plates have a thinner thickness than the other plates, in order to be able to leave more space for the other weights. The Friction Fractional provide high adherence to the sleeves, thanks to the presence of a rubberized ring that makes them more stable on the balance wheel. Fractional Plates are produced with a steel core and rubber-coated to increase durability and resistance to shocks caused by drops during the exercises' execution. These plates comply with all the rules of the IWF regulation for change plates.

The Black Rubber X-Grips Olympic Plate is another piece of equipment by Xenios USA with great potential, dedicated to fitness and functional training. These plates are produced with a steel core and polyurethane coated which makes them odorless and practically indestructible. Their weight range starts at 1.25kg and goes up to 20kg to meet the needs of any weightlifter.

Discover all the plates that Xenios USA has designed for you to choose the ones that best suit your needs and bring your performance to the highest levels. Visit the Xenios USA Online Shop to discover all the best functional equipment you may need in your gym.