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Fitness Viking Hammer

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Viking hammer

The Viking hammers are a tool that allows you to perform a total core workout at high intensity. It involves various muscle groups to build the upper body strength. Arms, shoulders and core will be subjected to continuous efforts during the performance of this type of functional training which consists of hitting a surface repeatedly with a training hammer. Often, large tires are used as a target because they cushion the blows, minimizing impact noise and vibrations. A functional training session with this tool develops different physical aspects such as speed, acceleration, power and reactivity.

Xenios USA offers its Black Training Viking Hammer for training, with a weight range from 4 kg up to 40 kg, to meet every type of athlete's needs, from novices to pros. This training hammer is made of rubber-coated shock-resistant steel, which guarantee high durability. Your balance and grip strength will be put to the test when performing exercises with the Black Training Viking Hammer due to the repeated rotational and swinging movements that are performed with this tool. Use this training hammer to maximize your performance and exponentially improve your physical user base.

Xenios USA thanks to the deep study behind the realization of each of its equipment and accessories for functional training, offers you the best training hammers you could wish for, thanks to their functional and comfortable design capable of taking your performance beyond all limits.

Train your body in a conscious and safe way using Xenios USA functional training equipment.