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Functional Weighted Vest

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Weighted vest

When you want to take your functional bodyweight training to the next level, weighted vests are the answer. Xenios USA has designed its weighted vests to revolutionize your training methods and to increase the workload during your bodyweight workouts,

The Xenios USA weighted vests ensure a perfect fit that guarantees all athletes the maximum mobility to perform their workouts in total safety. This equipment can be used during running sessions, peg board training, rings, pull up bars and parallettes.

The Tactical Vest by Xenios USA is much more than a simple weighted vest because it will allow you to increase workloads while maintaining your dynamism thanks to its perfect fit. The tactical vest boasts one size fit, which is adaptable to each athlete's physical conformation due to the quick and easy belt adjustment. The Tactical Vest is available in two kits that include their metal plates, 6 kg and 9 kg.

Xenios USA also provide weighted vest of different weights. The vests are made of nylon with high strength stitching to contain the weights inserted inside the pockets. These vests provide support for the shoulders to distribute the weight on the body without overloading the back and increasing the risk of injuries. Xenios USA Weighted Vests are available in 10kg, 16kg and 30kg.

Xenios USA offers you only the best equipment for your functional training workouts to push your limits. Choose the safety of Xenios USA products for your gym and set up a training zone that meets the strongest athletes' needs.

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