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Functional Rings and straps

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Rings and straps

Xenios USA offers different types of rings and straps to build strength, balance, and joint mobility for your functional training. Thanks to the use of rings and straps, it is possible to enhance the core and upper body's muscular power through exercises such as push-ups, ring dips, toes to bar, and muscle-ups. The difficulty of these basic exercises – in combination to these training tools' instability - offers the achievement of great results.

The range of Xenios USA equipment boasts rings and straps that will allow you to reach amazing performance. The Gymnastic Wood Rings are the perfect training tool for those who want to try this discipline. These rings need to be paired with the Xenios USA Gymnastic Rings anchor straps to express their maximum potential. This ring can bear a maximum load of 300 kg, while the lashing straps for Gymnastic Rings bear up to 1200 kg, due to the high-quality materials with which they are produced, and which also guarantee high durability over time.

Another piece of equipment is the Gym Ring Training Kit, which is designed by Xenios USA to allow athletes training anywhere they can find a safe anchorage point for their straps, whether indoor or outdoor. The straps of this training kit have a length of 500 cm, adaptable to any eventuality thanks to the buckle. The anchor straps are 50 cm long and are equipped with a carabiner to be attached wherever you want. Finally, the wooden rings have a 32 mm diameter and can withstand up to 300 kg of maximum load.

Discover all the Xenios USA rings and straps to perform your functional workouts by varying exercises and unleash their maximum potential. Rely on the quality and experience of Xenios USA for the best equipment for your workouts.