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Functional Pullup bars

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Pullup bars

Xenios USA offers the best equipment for functional bodyweight training, respecting the highest standards in terms of quality and materials choice. The design of the pull up bars of Xenios USA is studied in detail to give perfect functionality and stability that guarantees maximum efficiency of the exercises. Nothing is left to chance! This tool is perfect for performing a series of exercises aimed at developing the upper body and core muscles, which is always kept under tension during exercises with the pull up bar.

Within the pull-up bars section for functional training, Xenios USA added the Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar. With a simple and essential design, this tool will allow you to perform exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups with one or two hands, back and lever pull-ups, and many other variations. It is necessary to anchor it to a wall with adequate bolts to use this pull up bar safely.  You can find the bolts in the appropriate section of the Online Shop and exploit all the equipment potential. The Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar weights 10kg and supports a maximum weight of 150kg. The Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is therefore a perfect tool for your functional bodyweight training. If you want to further increase the difficulty of the exercises with this tool, you can use the Xenios USA weight vests to add weight and improve your performance.

Xenios USA puts any equipment or accessory at your disposal that could be useful in your gym or fitness area to guarantee you the possibility of training safely and efficiently. Discover all the Xenios USA pull up bars and choose the one that best suits your needs.