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Functional Peg boards

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2 Item(s)


Pegboards are widely used in functional training to enhance motor functions by moving the body on the three dimensions: frontal, sagittal and transverse. This bodyweight exercise is beneficial for strengthening the upper body, enhancing the core, arms, and shoulders, and improving grips and explosive power by performing different exercise variations. The climbing exercises, that can be performed using the peg board, are many such as simple climbing - advancing by moving the pegs from hole to hole - or launches - placing the pegs before starting at the desired distance and then jumping from one to another.

Xenios USA has designed its peg boards for functional training ensuring safety and stability, as well as high durability of the equipment. The Xenios USA Peg Board has 43 holes on the board and comes with two pegs. This equipment can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, according to the needs of the athletes. It is very important: it should be anchored to a wall that is capable of supporting its static weight and any dynamic load that will arise during use.

Another training tool designed by Xenios USA is the Short Peg Board, with the same specifications as the Peg Boards but simply smaller. In fact, it is made up of 21 holes, which still guarantee a complete and efficient use. Thanks to its small size, the Short Peg Board is perfect for gyms with limited space and private training zones such as home gyms or garage gyms.

Xenios USA offers you the peg boards with the best technical specifications you can find. Discover our weighted vests section so you can add extra load to your workouts and make your workouts a real challenge.