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Functional Parallettes

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1 Item(s)


Functional training aims at the development and improvement of daily motor functions. This type of workout aims to improve conditional skills, coordination and mobility of the joints. Bodyweight training is a fundamental part of functional training. It uses the weight of the body as an additional weight to your routine bodyweight exercises.

The parallettes are a widely used tool in functional training as they involve several muscle groups at the same time, fostering a complete and efficient workout. The variety of exercises allows the development of the core and shoulders, then also going to (positively) stress other areas of the body such as hips, buttocks and quadriceps.

Xenios USA designed the perfect parallettes for your workouts, including the Heavy Duty Parallettes. These are mini parallels with a height of 37 cm, practical and solid. The parallettes can be used anywhere to perform your workouts due to the simplicity of transport. This Xenios USA equipment, like all the products on the Online Shop, meets the highest standards of safety and durability to make the athletes perform their workouts focusing only on their physical performance. The Heavy Duty Parallettes are suitable for any type of athlete, from those who are approaching this training for the first time, to those who are already a veteran. Many exercises are performable with the parallettes such as dips, lifts and planches.

Discover all Xenios USA parallettes for functional training and choose the one that best suits your needs. Xenios USA offers you only the best equipment to set up your gym or your fitness area and guarantees you a safe and targeted workout. On our Online Shop, you will find many equipment for your bodyweight training. Besides the parallettes, you can find rings and straps, elastic bands, peg boards and much more.