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Functional Mats

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4 Item(s)


Working out on the floor is an essential part of functional training for the warm-up phase, stretching sessions and bodyweight exercises. These exercises can be performed by taking advantage of different sizes of mats and AB mats.

Xenios USA provides you with mats and AB mats for your bodyweight workouts, allowing you to perform safely and comfortably.

Among the Xenios USA’s product range, you will find the Crash Mat, a useful accessory for the prevention of injuries by absorbing shocks, for example, during exercises that involve the use of a climbing rope. Thanks to the high-quality soft rubber composition, this accessory minimizes the risk of distractions and ensures a comfortable landing surface that also helps absorb shocks.

Among the Xenios USA product range, you can find the Eco Exercise Mat, which is highly appreciated for its versatility and comfort and allows the execution of many exercises with comfort and stability. It eliminates the ground's imperfections by providing a uniform training floor allowing you to concentrate on your movements to maximize your performance. Eco Exercise Mat is also equipped with two plastic rings designed to store it on the Training Mats Wall-Mounting Rack, so as to manage the space inside your training zone and keep it neat and clean.

Finally, Xenios USA provides the AB Mat - in two different sizes, standard and XL - designed to perform high-quality and intensity workouts, this ab mat is designed to give comfort during exercises on the ground, ensuring support to the spine and lumbar area so that they can train in a simple, safe and effective way. AB Mat is padded with solid foam and covered with non-slip vinyl to ensure a safe and performing grip that allows you to train at your best.

Rely on the Xenios USA experience to purchase the perfect products for your exercises with mats. Train in total safety and minimize the risk of injury.

Choose the best Xenios USA mounts for your bodyweight functional training and elevate your performance to the next level.