FAQ Covid-19

Frequently Asked Questions on Shipping during the Covid-19 emergency

Can I place an order on the Xenios USA e-commerce?

Our e-commerce is 100% up and running, and we are constantly upgrading to make it always more efficient.

We are based in San Marino, and we operate with no limits to supply and no barriers to the movement.


What is the delivery time?

We work with several carriers. Orders could be delivered in 5-10 working days in Italy and 7-15 working days in Europe, since the payment.


When creating your order, make sure to select the products you want and check your delivery data carefully to make the order and shipping process as smooth as possible.

Make sure not to enter a destination that may be closed or unable to receive the goods, according to the regulations in force.


Do you want to receive your order at a commercial activity?

During the checkout, enter your data carefully. Complete the fields with your personal data, the address, and the destination by adding the name of the contact person.

Example: Bookstore John, to the Attention of Marco Bianchi


Are all items available?

The Online Shop is constantly replenished. Some items may be temporarily unavailable. Check the availability of the product you want on the Online Shop in order to verify the supply of new stock.


Can I return a product/have a reimbursement?

Our return and refund offices are up and running as required by the laws in force. Whenever possible, our operators and collaborators benefit from the potential of Smart Working. We will do everything possible to manage any request, despite the possible delays in managing the practices due to the restrictions of the emergency situation.


Is it safe to receive goods from e-commerce?

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that receiving goods is safe.

All delivery processes follow the directives of the Authorities in order to protect the customers and operators’ health and safety.

For further information, find the sources on the official websites of the health Authorities.


Can I ask for a quotation? How can I do it?

You can request a free quotation by sending an e-mail to international@xeniosusa.com or italy@xeniosusa.com if you are Italian.

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