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Xenios USA cross training equipment

Every WOD is much more than a simple training session. It is a passionate lifestyle that is dedicated to the care of our own body and well-being. That’s why we selected the best cross training equipment to support you during the toughest cross training exercises.

Discover our cross training equipment and get the essential gears for your WOD’s. Have you already found what you need the most among our training equipment? Let’s check out the sections of our Online Shop: bodyweight, box outfitting, conditioning, cross training gear, flooring, mobility, rigs and racks, storages, strength, cross training for kids and gift card.

Enjoy the benefits of cross training by facing your next WOD at home or in the Box with the Xenios USA gear. All the equipment for training and Box outfitting is designed to provide you with the best quality to the slightest detail.

Visit our conditioning section to find the best WOD buddies you could ever want: from the gym equipment for your cardio workout to the full set of kettlebells and dumbbells. Do not miss the wall balls and the perfect plyo boxes for your workout plan. You will push the boundaries of your body with the best cross training equipment.

If bodyweight is your vocation, Xenios USA Online Shop will be your favorite place to get the equipment for your bodyweight workout. Our gears will support the training progression during your bodyweight exercises.

Xenios USA also provides everything you need for your mobility workout. A full set of elastic bands and foam rollers are just some of the available rehab equipment you need to follow your mobility training program.

Discover the sets of rigs and racks to build your Box, or your home gym. They are versatile and fully customized in order to design your perfect training environment. Visit the Online Shop and get your power rack and build your half-rack gym. Everything is selected to guarantee the best quality. On the Online Shop, you’ll get your bars, bumpers, benches and all the cross training equipment you need to build a state-of-the-art Box.

Push beyond the limits of your WOD’s - at the gym or in the Box - to reach the maximum quality of execution and efficacy during your training. View all the Xenios USA cross training equipment.