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Sleds - Crosstraining

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11 Item(s)


Sled drag is a widely used practice in crosstraining as it develops speed and agility, as well as strength. These exercises include many variations that can be performed using the Xenios USA sleds and all the accessories that you can find on our Online Shop.

Xenios USA has designed training sleds with UHMW Nylon skates, a special material that eases sliding and minimizes friction with the ground. The Xenios USA sleds have different technical characteristics. The Just Drag Sled is small and compact, perfect for sled training even in small Boxes or gyms. It is equipped with a 60x40 cm steel loading plate and a steel tube.

Unlike the Just Drag Sled, the Prowler Sled can be pushed, thanks to the two steel tubes/handles. This sled boasts a specific design to bear high workloads and allow the execution of different exercises.

In addition to the sleds, the Xenios USA Online Shop provides many accessories to vary your workouts, such as the Shoulder Harness with rings, the Natural Fiber Sled Drag Rope, the low and high horizontal Pushing Bars and the Drag Strap. These accessories will allow you to perform several exercises such as backward drag, forward drag, sled push and many others to build your muscles.

Xenios USA offers all the best equipment for your sled drag exercises and allow you to complete your Box with safe and reliable products. Improve the quality of your workouts thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of a functional and resistant design. You just have to choose the sleds and accessories that meet your needs to elevate your workout to a higher level, drastically increasing your performance.